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Our team has wide experience in dealing with the property issues faced by commercial clients. In all cases we strive to get to know in some detail about our client’s business, objectives and previous experience of property transactions, so that we work closely and effectively with the client in order to achieve the desired outcome within an appropriate timeframe.

This approach applies to all types of commercial property transaction, big or small, simple or complex, including sales and purchases, granting and taking leases, transactions that include joint ventures with third parties and/or a corporate element and, of course, mortgage finance.

Each case is different. There is no standard. Some clients may wish a particular transaction to proceed very quickly indeed in order to secure some commercial advantage. In other cases, the clients may be playing a longer game and actually wish us to delay negotiations. We will be flexible in our approach to our client’s needs, whilst naturally maintaining a professional standard at all times in our dealing with other parties and their solicitors.

Our services in relation to commercial property also include the provision of general advice and quick response to urgent questions. We seek to develop long term relationships with clients so that they feel free to contact us for advice in the early stages of a problem or even in the drafting of heads of terms for a proposed transaction.

We also know that commercial clients with property portfolios require swift and effective advice, and up to date technical knowledge that keeps pace with ever changing legislation. Indeed, both corporate clients, banks and other lending institutions rely on our knowledge of the law and wide experience in the legal aspects of secured lending.

In addition, we have a specialist dispute resolution and litigation capability to support our Commercial Clients.

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