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At Perrin Myddelton, we are highly experienced in representing housing associations on the legal aspects of funding. We can assist with the securitisation of your stock from single street properties to large portfolios of units.

Whether you are looking to secure new finance or to place new and existing stock into existing finance facilities, we aim to work closely with you throughout the process to ensure that the Association’s business needs and deadlines can be achieved.

We have extensive experience of negotiating facility agreements, legal charges and security documentation and of drafting certificates of title in favour of your lender’s solicitors. We will confidently deal with lists of conditions precedent as required by the lender. Our solicitors can assist you in collating the relevant information required by the bank on a funding transaction and can advise on the drafting of the appropriate board minutes and meeting any other regulatory requirements.

Our in depth knowledge of the social housing sector allows us to identify early on issues that may affect the client’s ability to charge a site for full market value and we will always advise on such matters at acquisition stage to allow the parties time to address any issues at an early stage if possible.

We regularly advise housing associations on mortgagee exclusion clauses contained within section 106 agreements. Issues surrounding mortgagee exclusion clauses can have a material impact on whether our clients are able to charge development sites at full market value and we will work with you to ensure that section 106 agreements are drafted or varied accordingly to comply with market requirements.