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From website trading terms and conditions, to dealing with trade names and domain names, to download licences or GDPR issues, the right legal help can help you stay compliant when trading online.

Domain name

The business will need an internet domain name (or will perhaps use several) that will direct users to the site. Domain names are applied for on a first come first served basis. But just because a domain name is available does not mean that its use will not infringe another person’s intellectual property rights. Clearance checks should be done before using a domain name for business purposes to make sure that the chosen domain name does not infringe anyone else’s intellectual property – i.e. the tort of passing off.

Information that should be given to users

There is certain information about you or your company that a website interacting with the UK public must provide to be compliant with the English law.

Terms and policies

Every website will need links to direct users to the following information:

  • Terms of use setting out the rules by which a user must abide if it wants to browse or use the website
  • A privacy policy
  • A cookie policy

Data protection & GDPR

If the site is going to be collecting any personal data from users, it will need to comply with UK data protection (GDPR) rules.

Selling goods or services online

If your website sells goods or services then your business is going to be transacting electronically with its customers and will need to comply with UK e-commerce rules. We can help with a summary of the law relating to electronic contracts.