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Disputes arise between businesses even though they do not expect matters to go wrong at the time the contract is agreed. We are here to advise our clients when matters do not go according to plan and we guide them as to the best way of achieving their aims and resolving the dispute in question.

We act for a whole range of enterprises from individual business people to large public companies, as well as public bodies and many SMEs.

Where necessary, action will be taken in the Courts, but often disputes can be resolved without the need for litigation following correspondence and negotiations. Where proceedings are necessary, we advise our clients as to the most effective strategy to be adopted, including the use of Alternative Dispute Resolutions (such as mediation) where appropriate.

The cost involved in resolving disputes is, of course, of great importance to our clients and we ensure that all funding options are considered, including Conditional Fee Arrangements, After The Event Insurance and Third Party Litigation Funding. Our clients know that disputes are resolved in the most cost effective manner and our Hertfordshire location means that our rates are modest and very competitive. Our clients benefit from the experience and expertise of our litigators who have previously worked for City or Central London firms, but without the overheads associated with those locations.