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We are experts in franchising!

We have experience advising franchise businesses from small owner-managed shops to large household-name franchise brand. We have been there and solved it already, to help your franchise business run more smoothly.

Franchise businesses are a popular way to get into business. We have worked with the British Franchise Association (BFA) and understand the unique issues that affect franchise businesses from both the franchisor and franchisee sides.

We can draft franchise agreements, or master territory franchise agreements, and we can advise you right through the process of selling your franchise business and negotiating with your landlord for a change of control.

We work with franchise businesses throughout the whole of the UK and sometimes internationally as well. We provide complete legal support to franchise owners, including:

  • Franchise agreements
  • Funding
  • Franchise terms and conditions
  • Shareholders’ agreement
  • Buying and selling a franchise business
  • Shares and director advice
  • Health and safety, environmental, data protection, and so on.
  • Starting up a new limited company
  • Taking a lease and property issues
  • Franchise disputes and litigation
  • Employment law