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Everyone is entitled to feel safe and at peace in their own home; it is hard to over-estimate the distress caused to homeowners/tenants by the anti-social behaviour of their neighbours or others. When faced with such difficulties residents (and/or the landlords whose role it is to support them) need pragmatic advice and fast solutions. Social landlords in particular must ensure that they carefully balance the interests of innocent residents with the sometimes complex needs of disruptive tenants.

The law provides clear routes by which ant-social behaviour can be robustly tackled – either by seeking to evict difficult tenants or by obtaining injunction orders to control the behaviour of those at fault. Ultimately if defendants are in breach of an injunction order then they could face a prison sentence.

The property litigation team at Perrin Myddelton has vast experience of advising homeowners and landlords, both in the private and public sectors, as to how to deal with anti-social behaviour. This includes the obtaining of anti-social behaviour injunctions, powers of arrest, exclusion orders and closure orders. Where injunction orders are required, these are dealt with as a particular priority and are often applied for without notice. We will deal with the paperwork required by the court, attend hearings on clients’ behalf and continue to guide clients until the best available solution has been achieved.