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Making a will is very important to ensure that your assets are inherited by your chosen beneficiaries. If a will is not made then assets pass according to the laws of intestacy which may mean that your intended beneficiaries miss out. Unmarried couples are not recognised in the same way as married couples in the intestacy rules and this can cause unnecessary stress and hardship if a will is not made.

There are numerous considerations in making a will including:-

  • Whether there is anyone (such as a former spouse) who may make a claim on the estate.
  • Whether you have considered the inheritance tax implications in relation to your estate and any gifts that you have made in recent years.

It should be noted that every case is different. We do not recognise the theory that there is such a thing as a “standard will”. In addressing your will needs we will need to enquire all about your family background and circumstances, understand the component parts and value of your assets and liabilities and address the subject of inheritance tax and perhaps ways of mitigating that. If you have an independent financial adviser we will work closely in conjunction with that person.

Basically, we will go into everything in detail with you in order to guide you and produce a will suitable to your needs.