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Corporate & Social Responsibility


Policy Statement

Perrin Myddelton, as a solicitors’ practice, acknowledges and recognises its responsibility with regard to the potential impact of its business operations on the physical environment and on the communities in which it operates. Perrin Myddelton is committed to using its reasonable endeavours, whilst continuing to run a successful business, to work with, and positively influence, the contribution made and the efforts undertaken by its team members to minimise any negative effects and enhance those that are positive.

The key areas of our policy are:-

  • Environmental Impact
  • Contributing to the community
  • Purchasing with integrity
  • Treating all our stakeholders fairly
  • Providing a safe environment for all our team members and clients

Statement of Intent
In support of our Policy we will:-

  • Continuously develop our workplace for the benefit of all our people
  • Promote sustainable growth through responsible and innovative business practice in the market place
  • Minimise our impact on the environment
  • Positively engage in the communities in which we work and live

Policy Implementation
Perrin Myddelton has the following policies:-

  • Fire & Safety
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Training & Development
  • Website Management
  • Personal Conduct (Including Non-smoking and Drug use)
  • Outsourcing
  • E-Mail & Internet
  • Social Networking
  • Client Care
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Examples of how the policy is being implemented are:-

  1. Environmental Impact
    • Levels of energy consumption and practical ideas to reduce wastage within Perrin Myddelton are constantly under review, with new initiatives being identified and implemented wherever possible
    • Annual maintenance contracts are in place for regular servicing of all major plant and equipment
    • A number of waste management initiatives are currently being employed, including recycling of paper, plastic cups, plastic bottles, tins, card, and printer cartridges. We pay a service charge to our Landlords which includes qualified waste removal contractors
    • We operate an ongoing energy saving culture in which team members are actively encouraged to participate and take ownership.
    • Our Facilities Manager recycles waste paper and where possible purchases recycled paper.
    • All company emails have a notification on them for receivers to “think before they print.”
    • The majority of company information is shared with team members via internal email
    • Motion sensors have been installed in respect of lighting throughout the office
  2. Contributing to the community
    • We see to build positive relationships within their local and wider communities.
    • Friday is dress down day at the office. Each staff member who wishes to dress down on the day has to contribute £1 to charity. Every couple of months Perrin Myddelton selects a charity and the money raised goes to that charity.
    • We are involved with a variety of organisations that contribute to the social housing and property sectors e.g. WISH : Women in Social Housing (an organisation to promote womens carrers in the social housing sector), the North Herts Ethnic Minority Forum (an organisation funded by Hertfordshire County Council to improve the quality of life for the British minority and ethnic community in the area, the National Housing Federation (to which we are a subscriber) and Interact (a network of construction and property business clubs throughout the UK bringing like minded experts together
    • We sponsor the Hertfordshire Housing Conference an annual conference enabling housing professionals from Hertfordshire to network and discuss views on the future of housing
    • We have forged links with the University of Hertfordshire Law School. The Law School provides in-training for Perrin Myddelton qualified staff in order that they can achieve year on year mandatory Continuing Professional Development points required by the Law Society. We have also taken undergraduates from the Law School on work placements
    • We have forged strong relationships with local Schools and Colleges to offer work experience opportunities to encourage young people to join the legal profession. In particular Perrin Myddelton has strong links with a successful Harpenden Comprehensive School, Sir John Lawes which is located very close to our offices in Waterside. In 2009 we inaugurated the Perrin Myddelton Essay Prize for the First Year Sixth Form. Students are invited to submit essays on a range of social themes agreed between Perrin Myddelton and school staff. Ten essays are shortlisted and Perrin Myddelton staff select the three winners who received book tokens to the value of £100, £50 and £25 respectively which are presented at an awards ceremony by a member of Perrin Myddelton's staff. This has been very well received by staff and students who find it enriches the sixth form experience and provides valuable input into higher education preparation. Clare Robins, Head of Sir John Lawes, said : 'We are very grateful to Perrin Myddelton for supporting the school by sponsoring this prestigious competition. The students thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to express their opinions on a range of contemporary issues and the standard of entries is very high. We look forward to continuing this competition and working closely with Perrin Myddelton in the future.' The response has been uniformly excellent and the quality of work outstanding. We are delighted to encourage some very able and committed young people. For several years Perrin Myddelton staff have also attended the school's Careers Day, where they give the students insight into law as a degree option and ultimately as a profession. We also provide work experience for A level students from the school who are intending to apply for law at university.
    • We regularly sponsor a local infant and junior school, Grove School Harpenden
  3. Sourcing with Integrity
    We seek to establish long-term partnership relationships with suppliers who can demonstrate a suitable environmental integrity. Our current initiatives include:-
    • Vetting and monitoring our suppliers in terms of the origin of their raw materials and prepared products.
    • Procuring milk products from a local supplier
    • All our hygiene paper products come from re-cycled fibres or from manufacturers who use sustainable crops for pulp.
  4. Treating our people fairly
    We promote empowerment, equality and well-being within our workforce:-
    • We have quarterly secretarial meetings
    • We have six weekly Lawyer meetings
    • We are committed to training and developing our people
    • Outstanding performance is recognised through merit and bonus awards as well as monetary vouchers
    • We have an inclusive and consultative culture
    • Clear, consistent and fair contracts of employment are issued to all employees
    • We encourage all team members to provide constructive suggestions directly to our Managing Partner who maintains an “open door policy” allowing all members of staff to raise any concerns directly with him
    • We offer a range of additional employee benefits such as pension schemes, extra days off at Christmas and a day off for birthdays and free parking
  5. Providing a safe working environment
    • A comprehensive Health and Safety Management Policy is in place that is regularly updated to reduce risk and protect staff and clients in accordance with legislation and represents best practice; this forms an essential part of the safe environment for clients and staff
    • We employ a Health and Safety Manager who inspects and reports on compliance within the office on a regular basis
    • Perrin Myddelton's staff undergo twice a year training in fire evacuation with appointed fire wardens which is conducted by the Managing Agents
    • Fire evacuation procedures are displayed in all rooms and corridors and organisers are briefed upon arrival
    • We have a clear accident reporting policy
    • Risk assessments in all areas are carried out regularly and reviewed
    • We have an extensive Fire Safety Management System which include checking of fire extinguishers, fire doors and all aspects of fire safety

Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
SRA No : 646401

Perrin Myddelton is the trading name of Perrin Myddelton Limited (“PML”) which is a Limited Company registered in England and Wales, Company Number 10359524. A list of partners' names is open for inspection at our Registered Office 10 Waterside, Station Road, Harpenden AL5 4US.

The word "partner" as used by us can refer to a Director of PML or an employee or consultant who is a lawyer with equivalent standing and qualifications.